Recommended Software for Windows & Mac

Here is the list of app that we found useful assisting BMDCR users with various issues. If you have any other recommendation, please email:

OS Maintenance Utilities

Keep your apps & drivers up-to-date   Link for MacWindows

Block web tracking from the browser (Win & Mac)

Check the health of Macbook battery (Mac only)

CCleaner - clean up your system (Win & Mac)

Advanced SystemCare (Win)

Disk Inventory X (Mac only) - searches for large files

Scan for 100 largest files (Win only)

Smart Defrag 2 (Win only)

DELL Specific

DELL Client System Update Download


Instant Messenger - Use your CnetID to IM each other

Video Editing

Free Video Editer/Converter/Downloader (Win only)


Wunderlist (Win, Mac, iPhone & Android) - to do list manager

Microsoft Software (Windows 7 & Office Suite) Discounted Purchase (CnetID required)


Java - (PC) (Mac)


Remote Acess

From iOS/Android to Desktop (with static IP):

One remote app to another remote app:

Downloadable Software by IT Solution Center

Software Download (for staff & faculty)

Data Recovery

Windows: link     Mac: link

Admin Related

Business Object Download Page

Spark, VPNHummingbird FAS


Mac OS -

Windows OS - 


Mount your Google Doc or Amazon S3 as a Network Drive (Win only)

Resources for working remotely

WinOnX runs Windows applications on the Mac

IT Services Support Page

Improve your PC performace