Lab Positions

The University of Chicago Ben May Department for Cancer Research is seeking a full-time postdoctoral scholar who is highly motivated to work in the laboratory of Anning Lin, PhD to study signaling mechanism involved in inflammation, cancer and neuronal degenerative disease (Nature 414:313-317, 2001; Molecular Cell 8:1005-1016, 2001; Molecular Cell 13:329-240, 2004; Molecular Cell 21:467-480, 2006; Cell 152:304-315, 2013). Successful candidates for the postdoctoral scholar position must be highly motivated recent PhD graduates with a strong background in signal transduction, molecular cell biology and/or cancer immunology, with working experience in signal transduction, cancer immunology or neuroscience. For more information please see Please send curriculum vitae and three reference letters to:

Anning Lin, Ph.D.
Ben May Department for Cancer Research
The University of Chicago
Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences
929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637